Applying for Disability Living Allowance - laura orton
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Applying for Disability Living Allowance

Lifted charity, in conjunction with Manchester City Council wanted a leaflet to help people applying for Disability Living Allowance.



The charity found that they were supporting a lot of parents who were going through the process, but finding the form difficult. The process is online only, takes a few hours to complete and focuses solely on the negative aspects of a child’s disabilities. They have to spell out what the child can not do or has difficulties with.



Lifted wanted a small booklet creating that outlines the process of applying for Disability Living Allowance. They wanted to  give handy hints and tips along the way. They wanted something bright and uplifting, in an otherwise disheartening process.



Using simple illustrations, bright colours and short basic text, the final leaflet hits the mark. It helps parents fill out the form and signposts them to help where needed.